Dear Friends, 

Dear All, 

Tomorrow 12 july we as a team of 16 worldwide terrorism survivors will climb Alpe d’Huez …

14,5 kms at an average of 8,1% steep level . 

The picture here after gives you a view of the 21 curves…

Heavy curves as the consequences of after attacks felt and still feel for numerous of companions. 

As last year during our ascent of Mt Ventoux we’ll be in full solidarity with all soulmates not having our rebounding capacities.

Since 9/11, our world was hit by terrorism over 139000 times . 

While states  still organise themselves in complete and fast efficient assistance ,  victims of terrorism associations fight to help as humanly as possible to stand by the daily consequences of these attacks on states and society values. 

That’s why we continue to climb and ask the open hearts of the grand public to please support us and push us while climbing Alpe d’Huez through fundraising on

On july 14th on the 6th anniversary of the Nice attacks Tour De France will dedicate the Pro stage to all victims . The peloton will wear our logo  in solidarity with all worldwide victims of terrorism.

So let’s all unite and form

a big chain of solidarity.

The more we’ll share the greater our chain of solidarity will be.

On behalf of the together❤️stronger team, to all of you thank you so much for your willingness in opening your hearts,

Yours humanly,